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A philosophy of international law/ Fernando R. Tesón

Physical description: viii, 196 p. 24 cm.;
Bibliographic notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.;
Series: New perspectives on law, culture, and society;
Author(s): Tesón, Fernando R.;
ISBN: 0813311314 (hardcover : alk. paper; 0813368642 (pbk. : alk. paper;
Subjects: International law --Philosophy;
Publisher: Boulder, Colo. : Westview Press , 1998;
Call number: 341.01 TES;
KZ1255 .T47 1998;
Links: Contributor biographical information Publisher description
Type: Book (Bibliographies)
Available At: General reading -> General
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Bar code Accession number Status Location Material type
021555 021555
341.01 TES
Available General reading -> General(Currently present in General reading)
Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.) Request this item for check-out
Download MARC Record
008971224s1998 cou b 001 0 eng
010 $a97052975
020 $a0813311314 (hardcover : alk. paper
020 $a0813368642 (pbk. : alk. paper
035 $9DLC) 97052975
040 $aDLC$cDLC$dDLC
05000$aKZ1255$b.T47 1998
082 $a341.01$bTES
1001 $aTesón, Fernando R.$d1950
24512$aA philosophy of international law$cFernando R. Tesón
260 $aBoulder, Colo.$bWestview Press$c1998
300 $aviii, 196 p.$c24 cm.
440 0$aNew perspectives on law, culture, and society
504 $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
650 0$aInternational law$xPhilosophy
85642$3Contributor biographical information$uhttp://www.loc.gov/catdir/enhancements/fy0833/97052975-b.html
85642$3Publisher description$uhttp://www.loc.gov/catdir/enhancements/fy0833/97052975-d.html
906 $a7$bcbc$corignew$d1$eocip$f19$gy-gencatlg
955 $apc17 to sa00 12-24-97; sg03 12-24-97; sg12 12-24-97; CIP ver. sg31 05-12-98
991 $bc-LL$hKZ1255$i.T47 1998$tCopy 1$wBOOKS

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