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Nation branding:concepts, issues, practice/ Keith Dinnie

Physical description: xxiv, 264 p. 25 cm.;
Author(s): Dinnie, Keith;
ISBN: 9780750683494 (pbk.;
Subjects: International economic relations; Product management; Globalization;
Publisher: : Routledge New York , 2014;
Call number: 658.827 DIN;
Type: Book
Available At: General reading -> General
Availability: View details
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Bar code Accession number Status Location Material type
021554 021554
658.827 DIN
Available General reading -> General(Currently present in General reading)
Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.) Request this item for check-out
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008141218 2014
020 $a9780750683494 (pbk.
082 $a658.827$bDIN
100 $aDinnie, Keith
245 $aNation branding$bconcepts, issues, practice$cKeith Dinnie
260 $bRoutledge$aNew York$c2014
300 $axxiv, 264 p.$c25 cm.
650 $aInternational economic relations
650 $aProduct management
650 $aGlobalization

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