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Study skills in English/ Michael J. Wallace

Physical description: vi, 218 p. 23 cm;
Bibliographic notes: Bibliography: p. 218.;
General notes: Study techniques. - Manuals - For non-English speaking students in higher education institutions in Great Britain (BNB/PRECIS;
Author(s): Wallace, Michael J.;
ISBN: 0521221102 (pbk.;
Subjects: Reading; English language; Exercises;
Publisher: : Cambridge University Press Cambridge , 1980;
Call number: 378.17 WAL;
Type: Book
Available At: General reading -> General
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Bar code Accession number Status Location Material type
005250 005250
378.17 WAL
Available General reading -> General
Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.) Request this item for check-out
Download MARC Record
02000$a0521221102 (pbk.
082 $a378.17$bWAL
10000$aWallace, Michael J.$eAuthor
24500$aStudy skills in English$cMichael J. Wallace
26000$bCambridge University Press$aCambridge$c1980
30000$avi, 218 p.$c23 cm
50000$aStudy techniques. - Manuals - For non-English speaking students in higher education institutions in Great Britain (BNB/PRECIS
50400$aBibliography: p. 218.
65000$aEnglish language

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